Adsione Technology

Our years of experience in the industry showed us the need for a platform that would allow you to create an ad campaign that was targeted and on budget. So, we created Adsione!

Adsione can be customized to budget, target audience and desired visibility.

Place ads on the biggest sites in the world

Our technology allows you to create hyper-targeted video and digital ads on some of the biggest and highest traffic sites in the world. Some of these sites include CNN, ESPN, and Yahoo. This platform integrates with all ad services and offers you a one-stop solution to your advertising needs.

Through our platform, you will be able to reach clients at a hyper-targeted level. There are three factors we track demographics, behaviors and psychographics, and geolocation.

Demographics provide you with an opportunity to target your ad based on comsumer aspects such as age, relationship status, household income, and number of children.

Our algorythm takes into consideration a consumer's internet searches, social media accounts, taste in music, as well as the items they purchase.

Knowing a customer's location can help target your ads geographically. Our platform allows you to target clients in over 120 countries around the world.

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